Simonas focuses on energy, trade defense and government advocacy policies both in political and communications fields. He has built experience in servicing clients both from inside and outside EU who have reputational and legislative challenges vis-a-vis Brussels and the other European capitals.

He has particular experience in the energy field having serviced some of the  highest-profile companies from Russia and other hydrocarbon exporting countries helping them to meet a regulatory and communication challenges in Europe. Those challenges included anti-trust disputes, lobbying for the necessary legislative changes and preparing and implementing media strategies on behalf of the clients. Simonas also worked on a number of trade and internal market assignments such as the anti-dumping investigation on footwear, Russian sanctions regime, changes to the Services and other transport-related directives.

Simonas joined GPLUS team in 2007 from a job in management consulting at Danish Ramboll where he undertook a number of evaluation studies for the European Commission and the European Parliament and trained private and public authorities on EU financing options.

Simonas is Lithuanian but has finished his education in the US and The Netherlands where he acquired his bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from Utrecht University and Masters degree in Management from Erasmus alma mater. In addition to his native Lithuanian, Simonas is fluent in English and Russian, and has a good knowledge of French and Dutch.


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