Rita Pawelski joined GPLUS in August 2013 and brings to the company a wealth of experience from different political arenas as well as an excellent network: she has been a longstanding Member of the German Bundestag (2002 to 2013), as well as the state parliament of Lower-Saxony (1990 to 2002), and was a candidate for mayor of the state capital Hannover (1996, 2001).

Her personal motto is: “‘Can’t be done’ doesn’t exist!’ This motto shaped her not only personally but also forged a career during which she held different political offices: Vice-Chairwoman of the CDU -group in the state parliament of Lower-Saxony, member of the Federal Executive Board of the CDU as well as of the CDU/CSU party group in the Bundestag, Chairwoman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary women’s group, Vice-Chairwoman of the Tourism committee, and Deputy Chairwoman of the CDU’s state group from Lower-Saxony in the Bundestag.

During her political career, she focused on economic and tourism policy as well as on the main issues and challenges regarding family and social policy. In addition, she has considerable experience in journalism.

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