Bernard Volker, based in Paris, joined GPLUS as an Associate in December 2007.

For a generation he was one of the most influential French journalists, and a household name in France. A specialist in European and international affairs, Bernard was most recently Editor-In-Chief of the Foreign Affairs service at TF1. He presented the TF1 evening news for four years before joining TF1’s international service.

Previously correspondent and bureau chief in Tokyo, Bonn and Brussels, Bernard followed at close quarters all of the last three French Presidents – Sarkozy, Chirac and Mitterrand – and their Ministers. He was special correspondent in the US during the first Gulf War, during many presidential elections, and has met or interviewed world leaders, including George Bush and Vladimir Putin.

Alongside his role at GPLUS, Bernard is also Vice-Director (co-dean) of the renowned Sciences Po School of Journalism in Paris. He speaks French, English and German.

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