Stakeholder Relations

Stakeholder relations refers to the building of alliances with third-parties such as other industry players, non-governmental organisations, think-tanks, formal or informal consortiums, in order to advance key interests on a given topic by developing a single credible and united front.

Stakeholder relations helps to encourage the development of policies that support the common interest of all parties within the alliance, or in some cases, prevent the adoption of legislations that would jeopardize their business or other vested interests.

A strong stakeholder relation is developed through a meticulous mapping of key stakeholders followed by a series of strategised engagements and negotiations.

Why is it necessary to develop stakeholder relations?

There can be different instances when a company needs to engage in a dialogue with other stakeholders, in order to be a credible voice in any policy discussion. An alliance can also help an organisation expand its policy position which can develop into an even more inclusive one.

How can we help

Due to our continent-wide networks at both EU- and national levels, our team of consultants are able to help you maintain a fruitful and effective stakeholder partnership. We can help you:

  • Conduct a stakeholder mapping to identify potential partners
  • Build a solid and mutually-beneficial relationship with other stakeholders in the alliance
  • Construct a functional coalition that produces meaningful impact

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