Social Media Strategy and Training

Social media strategy and social media training are an increasingly important component of an organisation’s public affairs and public relations agenda. The effective, strategised deployment and management of social media channels is incorporated into the organisation’s communications and outreach.

Why does your organisation need to be able to use social media effectively?

Being an increasingly important communication platform, social media allows you to take part in the conversations with the people you need to connect with: policy makers, stakeholders, like-minded businesses, NGOs, journalists and your client base. Not doing so means you are missing out on visibility, contact and content.

Likewise, in the event of any crisis situation, you need to be able to react effectively on social media. While a crisis may not start on social media, it certainly spreads there faster than any other channels.

A big advantage of social media is the possibility to monitor, track and gather conversations. With the information, you will be better placed to come up with more precise messaging and quality counter-arguments.


How can we help

GPLUS ‘s digital services team is composed of experienced digital practitioners who are adept in conducting digital campaigns. Our training module aims to empower your leadership, public affairs, communications and policy staff by familiarising them with the social media landscape of your interlocutors, global or European institutions, decision-makers and the international or national media. Our strategy module helps you formulate a proactive, engaging, streamlined and strategised social media programme.

  • Social media mapping: we provide you with a bird’s eye view of who’s saying what.
  • Social media strategy: we give you guidelines on what content works best, an activity schedule and who to engage with.
  • Content production: we help you produce not only the messages, but also the infographics, images and videos to go into your social media posts.
  • Social listening: we help you record the conversations about the issues you care about, and register the opinions voiced.
  • Social media advertising: we not only help you advertise you and your cause on social media, we conduct the necessary studies to strategise your advertising efforts, so as to extend your reach and influence across the community you want to convince.
  • Social media crisis communications: social media is an integral part of our crisis communication and management service and training.
  • Events management: we make sure your social media strategies are incorporated into the event we are organising for you

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