Reputation Management

Reputation management refers to the control and influence over the references made to a company or an individual either online on social media or on the web, or offline on television or mentions in a publication.

There are often two ways in which one’s reputation is managed, either by increasing the occurrences or the quantity of positive information, or by decreasing the occurrences or the quantity of negative information.

There are three crucial aspects of reputation management:

Reputation mapping is the first step in resolving a reputational crisis. It involves an in-depth analysis through social listening and search rankings to identify the sources of negative content, the intent of the persons behind it, the ways in which the negative information spreads.

Content production is the foundation of good reputation management. Positive information needs to be produced and crafted. Such content can take the form of photos, videos, images, social media posts, blog posts, newspaper articles, news updates etc. The content needs to be produced according to your strategy and timing in order to be effective.

Social media monitoring is the third crucial aspect of reputation management. Most online crises erupt on social media. It is highly imperative for you to be prepared by making sure you monitoring the right persons, networks and search terms so that the harm can be minimised as much as possible.


How can we help

Due to the internet, negative reputation has the ability to spread much faster and across a larger geographical area than before. With our years of experience in helping our clients in mitigating the effects of negative reputation, in addition to our in-house digital expertise, we are able to guarantee you a strong defence against a reputational meltdown.

  • Assessment of your reputational status: an analysis of the current and potential impact of negative information on your reputation as well as the identification of the sources and intentions of the negative content. Via social listening as well as specific search engine queries, we are able to assess the degree of harm done to your reputation and set a benchmark on how much we can improve the situation.
  • Strategy and Plan: once we have a thorough understanding of your situation, we can help you come up with a strategy to get out of it. Our plan for you will be detailed and we will provide you with the most effective solutions possible.
  • Social media and web management: We can help you set up and run your social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Through content production and community management, we ensure your network helps you extend the reach of all your positive content. We can also help you work on your personal website or blog, so that your content and your online reputation gets a higher search engine result than your detractors’.
  • Social media monitoring: Our team is ready at all times to monitor and act on any potential crisis before it erupts.
  • Media relations: Through our media advisers and network of journalists, we can help ensure the positive information about you gets enough coverage when your detractors attempt to launch a malicious attack.

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