Public affairs training

Our public affairs training is targeted at CEOs, senior management representatives, head of public affairs, senior members of the public affairs department or third country representatives who engage with policy makers across Europe to promote the policy position of their company or country.

It aims at providing them with an understanding of the decision-making process and culture, the techniques to translate their agenda into meaningful impact.

So far, we have offered training to these trainee profiles: newly-appointed business leaders or heads of public affairs who require further assistance in building up their knowledge about both EU or national public affairs; Newly-appointed diplomatic representatives who require deeper knowledge of how to engage with the EU institutions and national governmental bodies.

How can we help

Our public affairs training aims to maximize the efficiency and outcomes of your engagement with decision makers. In situations where your voice is not heard, you need to not only gain access to the opinion makers but also know how to engage with them. Below are some of the main exercises of our public affairs training:

  • Demystify the decision-making process in the EU and European capitals
  • Message development to deliver your agenda and pass on your position
  • Agenda presentation to tailor your messages, tone and emphasis
  • Improve perception by European policy makers
  • How to be a policy partner and source of information


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