Media Relations and Media Training

Good relations with the media – old and new – form the bedrock of any organisation’s reputation with the wider world.  Strong media handling helps you promote positive messages about your goals, policies or products while mitigating the impact of bad news or impeding negative campaigns against you.

It is vital to understand the news cycle, the way stories are put together, and the pressures, editorial priorities and deadlines that journalists work to. Most of important of all, you need to know how these factors have evolved dramatically with the onset of digital media.

Good media relations require a blend of forward planning and rapid reaction capacity. Set-piece events – like press conferences, press releases or staged interviews – can be prepared for to boost the chance of a good showing in the press.  Real-time news rarely allows time for such preparation, however.

In which case you need training to help you respond to unforeseen calls from journalists or “door-step” interviews, or to help you produce punchy soundbites that resonate well with the media.  You also need to develop a skill for predicting how the media will handle an issue, story or crisis facing your business, and for turning a story around before it causes damage.

Encounters with the media tend to go better if you already have strong relationships with key journalists.  A programme for building such relationships is vital to any durable media strategy.

How can we help

GPLUS has a strong team of former journalists, former spokespersons, current media experts and digital strategists.  We can strengthen your media-handling capacity with the following services:

  • Advice on how best to engage with and manage the media
  • Media mapping and intelligence gathering
  • Designing a communications road map
  • Advice on the best type of media for you and your message
  • Support on press releases, Op-Eds and other materials
  • Identify where and when you can promote your message
  • Training in media handling for your leaders and key spokespeople
  • Training on talking points, sound bites and reactive statements
  • Training for print and TV interviews
  • Training on use of social media for your key people

Our services