Issues management

Issues management lies at the heart of a solid public affairs strategy. It comprises the four stages of research, monitoring, analyses and strategy.

First of all, solid research is crucial to lay the foundation of an advocacy outreach. It helps to map the different stakeholders, positions and topics so as to provide an overview of all influencing factors. The second stage is monitoring, which is the consistent watch to track any changes or developments so as to identify both regulatory risks and opportunities. Analyses is the third stage where emerging issues are evaluated, so as to inform a corresponding policy response. Last but not least, a well-thought-out strategy is needed to voice that policy response in the most opportune time and moment to achieve maximum impact or reaction.

Companies and governments approach GPLUS for issues management when they require additional support in their public affairs outreach. This level of support is necessary when their internal information-gathering and engagement reach are faced with either internal or external obstacles.

Rather than to face a deadlock in a policy discussion, both corporate and governmental clients engage our help in issues management to better strategise their advocacy efforts with the decision-makers.


How can we help

Our team of policy experts are recruited for their superior industry knowledge, institutional experiences, global and European networks, research and analytical skills. We have more than 25 nationalities speaking the same number of languages – so as to ensure you are covered on all continents.

  • issues and stakeholder mapping
  • issues and stakeholder monitoring and tracking
  • press reviews
  • social media and digital monitoring
  • oral and written briefings
  • evidence-gathering
  • data analyses
  • opinion research



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