Government Relations

To operate successfully in Berlin, Brussels, London and Paris, you need to know and be known by a range of key public officials who matter to your business.  You also need to understand how they interact with each other, especially if they are handling regulation at both national and European levels.  The right relationships can help you steer policies that affect your business and minimise the damage caused by restrictive legislation.

Government officials need to know what you think about the rules they are making. Being in a continuous dialogue with them can help them produce market-based solutions to regulatory needs.  In times of crisis it can also help you deliver tougher messages without burning bridges, whether over legislation, regulation or an international negotiation.


How can we help

We employ former EU Spokespeople, former MEPs, former diplomats, former national officials and former journalists, and have staff from over 25 nationalities. We cover all major cities in Europe, either through our own offices or through our network of agencies.  We help you:

  • Conduct stakeholder mapping to identify key opinion makers
  • Build relationships with key audiences
  • Give you strategic and credible policy advice on national or European issues, based on the judgment and experience of our top staff
  • Develop an action plan to carry out your government relations
  • Help you shape your messages
  • Bolster those messages either through digital or traditional channels

Our services