Events Management

Events management is the organisation of an event from planning right up to the post-event evaluation stage. Without GPLUS ‘s professional assistance in events management, it is difficult to organise a stellar event with the desired speaker or guest attendance or a desired media or political effect.

A wide variety of public affairs and public relations conferences, seminars, forums and expositions occur in full swing in the European and other global capitals: Brussels, London, Paris or Berlin. Especially in the context of European policy-making, events are organized daily in these cities. Such events can take the form of a press conference, a VIP visit, a networking session, a brainstorming workshop, or a high-level seminar.

A successful event needs to stand out, so that it can raise your company’s business and corporate profiles and position you among global, European and national stakeholders. A number of factors contribute directly to its success: venue, choice of speakers (such as policy-makers, national politicians or influential journalists), choice of guests, speaking, learning and networking opportunities, pace of the discussion as well as meticulous logistical planning.

How can we help

We can guarantee the success of your events, through our years of experience organising high-level events across Europe, be it a large-scale event that draws national and international media attention or a closed-door discussion under Chatham House rules:

  • Provide A-to-Z support for your public affairs and media event
  • Identify the best choice of attendees and help secure their attendance: speakers, guests, journalists
  • Design, dispatch and track your invitation
  • Secure and book highly desirable venues
  • Plan and coordinate all logistics from venue reservation, catering, seating arrangements to registration
  • Host and coordinate your event
  • Social media integration for pre-event online traction and facilitation of online interaction throughout the event
  • Ensure excellent media coverage through our media ties
  • Conduct post-event activities: continuous networking, feedback, evaluation

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