Digital Campaigns

A digital campaign means fast and effective use of digital tools like social media, mobile apps, blogs and websites to make your case or defend your reputation. It will connect you to a far wider audience than traditional media.

Digital campaigning is an essential channel used by all governments, NGOs, pressure groups and other political actors, as well as by European institutions and other intergovernmental organisations.

A successful digital campaign contains:

  • Substantial groundwork to fine-tune your campaign roadmap, such as influencer mapping and a smart social media strategy;
  • Intelligent use of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms to channel traffic to your campaign website, broadening the number and type of people who visit it;
  • Systematic analysis of data to improve the impact of your campaign website.
  • Infographics, images, videos and other forms of targeted content production throughout the campaign.


How can we help

Our digital services team is composed of experienced digital practitioners who offer the following services:

  • Online reputation management. We will ensure that your position is voiced prominently through all digital platforms
  • Web management. We design, set up and manage your websites, using digital promotion strategies like content and influencer marketing, and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Advertising (SEA), to increase your visibility
  • Web analytics. We provide data-driven reports of your site performance, making improvements where necessary
  • Social media mapping. We give you a bird’s eye view of who is saying what
  • Social media strategy. We give you guidelines on what content works best, and an activity schedule to help you play up the stories you want and mitigate the impact of those you don’t
  • Content production. We help you produce the messaging, but also the infographics, images and videos that go into your social media or blog posts
  • Social listening. We help you record conversations around the issues you care about, and register opinions voiced
  • Social media advertising. We help you promote your cause across social media, and conduct studies to make your paid posts more strategic so as to extend your reach and influence across the community you wish to convince
  • Online crisis communications. We give your crisis comms strategy a solid underpinning across all digital platforms

Our services