Crisis Communications

Crisis communications refers to the action that a company or government must take to protect its name in public when its reputation is hit hard by bad news. This could include an accident in the workplace, a natural disaster, a breach of security, a campaign by protestors, a political or financial scandal, a product recall, a legal dispute, or a new ruling which undermines its credibility or profitability.

The media is usually the most prominent arena where your name needs to be protected. But it could also be amongst your other audiences, like your investors, customers, suppliers or staff.  Or it could be a mixture of some of these.

It is always hard to predict where the next blow will come from. But you can reduce the risk to your reputation by making crisis preparedness an integral part of your business. Crises often spread like wildfire on social media, so it is vital to build social media into any crisis comms strategy.

How can we help

Our crisis communications team includes seasoned political and media advisors, as well as experienced digital strategists. We can help you develop your strategy and run drills and training programmes to ensure crisis preparedness at all levels of your organization.

  • Analysing your crisis management capacity
  • Creating internal crisis communications teams
  • Crisis messaging
  • Building media relations capacity and helping you handle media inquiries
  • Increasing crisis anticipation and conducting drills to improve crisis preparedness
  • Helping you address critical opinion makers, whether from government, politicians, the EU institutions, your customers or the wider public
  • Grooming you in the effective use of digital channels and social media to help you deal with the crisis

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