GPLUS strengthens leadership team

GPLUS has taken steps to further strengthen its leadership team. Thomas Barros-Tastets and Daniel Brinkwerth are appointed Managing Partners with immediate effect. In their new function, they will run the GPLUS group of offices in Brussels, Berlin, London and Paris. Tim Price takes on the new role of Deputy Chairman and, together with Chairman Peter Guilford, will focus on business development, scaling GPLUS services for large or complex client needs, and expanding the senior advisory board of GPLUS.

I’m incredibly proud how GPLUS has grown from what was essentially a Brussels-focused regulatory firm to an EU-wide political communications company in little under ten years. The market for our services is constantly changing and I’m confident the addition of Thomas and Daniel will allow us to take advantage of those changes and propel the company to a new phase of development,” said Peter Guilford.

GPLUS sets out to solve a challenge many large organisations face today: how to shape legislation, fight litigation, build reputations or manage crises if decision-making in capitals is less confined by national borders and increasingly subject to real-time interdependence. Managing this requires a broad strategic vision combined with strong local media and political networks and relationships. Over the past years, GPLUS has established offices in major European capitals with professionals who have deep roots, strong networks and a proven track record. The strengthening of the leadership team comes as GPLUS enters a new development stage of this model.

Daniel said: “The GPLUS service profile is clear. We focus on high-stake issues, field fully-integrated teams across capitals, and leverage all channels of communications for our advocacy efforts. The long tenure of our clients demonstrates that this model is successful and we will continue to build on this.”

Thomas added: “There are many organisations out there that are engaging with ‘Europe’ and could benefit from a stronger integration of their global, regional and local public affairs operations. Together with our uniquely talented staff, we take pride in solving problems, not writing smart strategy. We remain ambitious to further develop both our service offer and client base.”

Thomas has been working on some of the largest EU trade and antitrust cases. He is a senior adviser to various multinational companies, trade unions and institutions for their strategic communications and public affairs engagement across Europe.

Daniel provides senior counsel to multinationals, governments and international organisations. He has unique experience in coalition-building around complex legislative issues and advises clients with challenges in reputation and stakeholder management.