Political & regulatory risk analysis

Policy-makers frequently require businesses to change behaviour. A single legislative amendment can close down or create entire markets, while political hostility can scupper a business deal, foreign take-over bid or investment.

We help our clients identify upstream when a news story, an alteration in political balance or a change of guard is likely to materialise into a specific risk for them. And we advise them on what they should do about it.

This knowledge allows them to predict, adapt and limit their exposure, but just as often it enables them to influence these processes in a surgical, timely and therefore effective manner.

Our approach is custom-made, restricted and intelligence driven. We use experienced teams and senior analysts on the ground, tapping into local knowledge and informal policy networks they often took years or decades to build. We can conduct specific research to gauge political sentiment regarding an issue, your own organisation or another entity. But we are just as comfortable with a standard (but tailor-made) intelligence brief, analysing relevant events as they unfold.


You are concerned about a specific piece of legislation, an international negotiation or an NGO campaign which directly affects your business. You would like to mobilise support among citizens, civil society, experts and ultimately decision makers for your objectives.

We can guide you through the political context and help you understand how policies are really made. We will help you set realistic ambitions, spot obstacles or opportunities early enough for you to make a difference, and gather upstream intelligence to give you a head start. Above all, what drives us is securing tangible outcomes for our clients.

Together with you, we design and implement advocacy strategies, with the right mix of instruments and messages that rise to the challenge. Rather than just looking at advocacy as a series of meeting programmes, we can offer a fully integrated approach to political communication and campaigning, ranging from media relations and digital to third party mobilisation and traditional lobbying.

We adapt our way of working to suit the requirements of every client but make a commitment to always deliver outstanding service and apply the highest ethical standards of our profession. Transparency, discretion, and competence are our core values.

Reputation building

Corporate reputation matters, even to hard-headed lawmakers. Organisations rightly invest in creating and nurturing a political brand image among regulators, who can make or break their business. Becoming a respected member of the policy community makes it easier to anticipate, shape and, if necessary, counterbalance upstream policy thinking, well before your issues are framed by others. It protects your licence to operate.

Positioning organisations and their issues in political and policy circles, however, requires distinctive branding techniques. These need to be subtle and tailored to political audiences.

We can help you align your narrative with the objectives policymakers care about. Whatever the vehicle – an event, opinion piece, or through social media – we can guide you through the maze of sensitivities and past pitfalls, ensuring that the right message reaches the right audience.

Litigation & crisis communications

Rarely is external scrutiny greater than when your business is singled out for investigation by the regulator and you get caught up in litigation. Whether it is a merger, antitrust or trade investigation, the financial and reputational stakes involved are often exceedingly high.

European regulators are acutely aware these days that their reputation as enforcers is on the line too. Whether they step up or scale down their actions and rhetoric depends in no small measure on how an investigation resonates in wider political circles and in the media. Working alongside your counsel, we know how to influence political and media perception in ways that help your legal strategy succeed. Often this means securing the right environment for settlement.

We understand the importance of protecting good relations with the regulator. We know how to play offensive, when you would like the regulator to escalate an investigation, for example into the anti-competitive conduct of rivals. But we also know how to play defence, when you want an investigation to be wound down, balancing broader perceptions without litigating through the press.

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