GPLUS does not only operate within Europe. Many of our clients in fact come from outside of Europe.

Most political, regulatory and reputational challenges are no longer limited by borders, but are increasingly global in nature. Berlin, Brussels, London and Paris are leaders in global policy-making and contribute to the shaping of the global news agenda. At the same time, politics remains as local in these cities as anywhere else. Managing this requires a broad strategic vision combined with deep roots in media and political networks.

Yet often there may be a pattern emerging, or situations where policy-makers from different capitals are coordinating action. In such scenarios we are able to offer sophisticated analysis and monitoring thanks to our European reach. We can offer genuinely integrated cross-border services because we operate as one firm, all incentivised by high-quality service, and not by squabbles over budget allocation per office.

We are involved in many pan-European and global campaigns, sometimes leading, sometimes as one part of a network. What matters to you, the client, is that your issues are managed in an integrated way, to the highest possible standards, with great results. Whenever we work in international consortia we are guided by these principles.

The Omnicom network offers our clients privileged access to a broad range of disciplines, including investor relations, advertisement, media buy and market research. Thanks to our know-how in coordination and integration, we can offer one-stop solutions for your multi-country, multi-discipline communication strategies.

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