Thomas joined GPLUS in 2011 and is an experienced consultant and policy analyst. Current clients include a foreign government, a major American tech company, leading international car rental operators and a British airline. Thomas has conceived and implemented multi-country projects and previously advised global mining companies, one of the world’s top ICT firms, an international accounting firm and an American airline.

He focuses mainly on digital policies, internal market regulation, transport policy, as well as EU foreign and trade policy, but has also worked on international tax issues, financial regulation, data privacy rules and consumer policy.

Prior to GPLUS, Thomas saw both sides of the public-private divide, working as a trainee at two Danish diplomatic missions and in the corporate communications department of APM Terminals. He studied Political Science and International Relations at the University of Warwick in the UK and Columbia University in New York.

A Danish national, Thomas’ second language is English. He has good knowledge of French, German, Norwegian and Swedish.

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